domaine gayssou

Passed down from generation to generation since the XVI century
Our Wines

The Domaine de Gayssou is located in the village of Broze near Gaillac, on the right bank of the Tarn river.

The vineyard extends over 40 hectares run by Nathalie and Christophe Caussé since 2000.

2020 grape harvest : the Domain keep moving forward !

Despite the adverse environment 2020 vintage looks like a very good year

Blanc Doux 2018 award from Guide Hachette 2020

Our past efforts have gotten us this new award from the famous Guide Hachette book for our Blanc Doux 2018.

Come discover  it before the end of summer months !

A good point from newspaper Le Point  for our Rouge Élevé en Fût

Into his 3rd september special edition dedicated to the wine the national newspaper Le Point publishes an article about wines of Gaillac : past and present, best wineyards.

Domaine de Gayssou is one of them and our Rouge élevé en fût has been greatly appreciated by the journalist, Mr. Bompas.
These are his words :

Delicate nose, wild berries, floral, silky tannins, harmonious note on the palate, appealing.


Vineyards and winery have been transmitted from father to son from XVI century.


Christophe and Nathalie Caussé farm and maintain 40 hectares of vines, equally divided between red Gaillac varieties and local white grapes.


Open Monday-Saturday : 10AM-12AM / 15PM-19PM

900 Route de Caussade 81600 GAILLAC



Estate Address :

Lieu-dit Gayssou 81600 Broze