The Vineyard

Passed down from generation to generation from the XVI century

The Domaine de Gayssou

The Domaine de Gayssou is located in Broze on the first sides that face towards Gaillac, on the right bank of the Tarn river.

 The estate extends over 40 hectares of clay-limestone soil who profits from good quantities of sun provinding ideal conditions for good ripening grapes.  

 Vineyards and whinery have been transmitted from father to son from XVI century. Wines became well known in the 1900’s with a number of official wines contest awards :  silver medal for sweet white of 1912, bronze medal for red of 1911 (Côtes de Gaillac) and bronze medal for dry white of 1911 (Côtes de Gaillac).

The bee on the bread oven family door became the embleme of the Domaine. And today, Christophe and Nathalie continue to bring to life the vineyard with the principles of conservation of nature, terroir, and family traditions, dedicated to the production of wine with local grape varieties as Braucol, Duras, Loins de l’oeil or Mauzac.



Open Monday-Saturday : 10AM-12AM / 15PM-19PM

900 Route de Caussade 81600 GAILLAC



Estate address:

Lieu-dit Gayssou 81600 Broze