Estate passed down from generation to generation since the XVI century.

Vineyard of gaillac

Although Gaillac was founded in 972 the vineyard that bears this name was planted in the first century BC by the Romans. Each new wine harvest gave credentials to the land. Vineyard and terroir became intrinsically linked.

From the 9th century the monks of the Benedictine abbey of Saint Michel at Gaillac have perfected the know-how so much so that the wine was appreciated on all the good tables.

The vineyard was really established in 7th century thanks to the Gaillac, Lisle and Rabastens consuls, who created the first charters defining quality standards to be used : grape variety, wood essence for the barrels, harvest dates…

During this period the port of Gaillac flourished and the wine was exported all over France and neighbouring countries.

After the Phylloxera crisis, at the end of 19th century, new standards imposed increased the  value of the wine : definition of the AOC geographical area in 1922, white AOC in 1938 and red AOC in 1970.

Gaillac is actually more than a well-know wine. It also reflects the rich and true culture of the Midi-Toulousain and the French south west art de vivre.    

Grape varieties

Whites :

  • Mauzac is a traditionnal variety of the Gaillacois, that results in sweet and slightly sour wines.
  • Loin de l’œil is a very old variety you can find only around Gaillac. The name comes from Len de l’el provided by the local Occitan dialect. The cluster comes with a very long stalk, which explains why the grape is placed away from the eye that initially form it. The wine’s taste is very subtle with floral tones.
  • Muscadelle results in soft, heady, sourness and slightly aromatic wines (acacia, honeysuckle…)
  • Sauvignon results in dry, aromatic white wines 



  • Duras is one of the oldest variety of Gaillac. It can be recognized by sipcy aromatic wine.
  • Braucol, also known as Fer Servadou, results in full-bodied wines with red fruits flavors.
  • Prunelard is used for wines with deep ruby color, and a strong bouquet of black fruits.
  • Syrah should be fine-tuned to get a full-bodied wine with complex aromas.
  • Gamay is the only variety who can be used to produce the Gaillac Primeur.


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